Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review of Disney's Tomorrowland: an Optimist's View of the Future

Synopsis: In Disney's Tomorrowland the world is getting ready to self destruct, and everyone is willing to let it go. Except Casey Newton, she refuses to accept its demise. She wants to fix the problem, and she drags the other characters along for the ride. Tomorrowland has time travel, dimensional travel, fight scenes, robots and androids, and a little bit of steam punk. The dimensional travel mixes Jules Verne’s space ship with Dr. Who’s phone booth.

Review: Tomorrowland communicates a positive theme. The message throughout the movie is one person can make a difference. It is a decent movie, 4 stars. The acting, story line and message are good. Although, the beginning felt too much like a pre-ride movie at Epcot. Once you get past the introduction, the movie perks up.

George Clooney plays Frank. He is the one that created the mess by making something he shouldn’t have. Frank is a bit cranky and disillusioned, and is happy living off the grid.

Britt Robertson plays the protagonist, Casey Newton. She is the optimist, and runs counter current to the rest of the characters. She believes things can change, and the world can be fixed. It is not doomed.

Raffey Cassidy plays Athena in the movie, and she does a great job. She recruits Frank and Casey for the utopian society. She reminds me a bit of Hayley Mills from the original Parent Trap.

The antagonist is David Nix, played by Hugh Laurie. He would rather not fix the world's problems. He doesn't feel that people in their current state are worth rescuing.

Brad Bird directed the movie and helped write it. He also did The Incredibles and Ratatouille. I think, his goal was to create a movie reminiscent of a 1950 children’s matinee, and he was successful. It is a good children’s science fiction matinee movie. It has some laughs, some action, and emotional pull. It is worth seeing.

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