Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Sea of Tranquility

Lake Superior - Bruce G. Smith 
 Whenever I need refreshing, I head for large bodies of water. Whether it is the Atlantic, The Gulf of Mexico or Lake Superior I feel refreshed sitting along the shore listening to the waves. Even better though is on the open water at night. Observing the vastness of the stars without them being obscured by city lights The absence of traffic noise is a true blessing. It is almost impossible in the world today to escape the noise of car engines and tires on asphalt. The sound of traffic reminds us of society in constant motion. Urging us to action, and making it impossible to fully relax. In the absence of traffic noise and city lights with the sound of waves in the background, one can allow the mind and body to totally relax. Relaxation allows stress to flow out of the body and out of the mind. Stress creates anger and violence. By enjoying the tranquility of the waves life can be put back into perspective, and one realizes the importance of family and friends. Calmness reigns and health improves.